Where do I get my material from?

By implementing my mission.
For years, my mission is to give the horse back his / her voice.

First I did this within the company Dialogue for human and horse as a trainer.
Thereafter as Equine Therapist within the company Equinestudiecentrum.

Now I build skeletons that I get through the dissections that I give for Equine studies.
Many horse owners offer their horse for a dissection to want to know what has happened in the life of their loved one. I make the translations that I encounter in the horse to the daily life that the horse has had.

During the dissection the owner always has the first choice on what he / she wants to keep of the horse.

If there are participants during the dissection who wants parts of the horse, they can express their preference. Because they can tell the story by attending a dissection. That is my wish.

Then the rest is for the person who wants to expand his or her collection.
And so it can happen that you will be put on a waiting list.

It is also possible that I get material from the location where I give the dissections. This will always concern a head or lower legs. There is no story here.