Preperation process

What has happened before I have my order?

Stap 0 – Transport

After the dissection the “horse” transport is prepared.
And at the location the parts are disassembled, this usually takes half a day.

Step 1 – Saving

There are freezers and containers in a room where the parts are stored.
These are emptied per order and placed in the “wet cell”.

Step 2 – This is the so called Maceration process

And this takes Place in the wet cell.

All bones of the legs are drilled to remove the fat during the maceration process.

The parts go into containers with water which are heated to 80 degrees celcius.
I add a whitewashing agent that ensures that the Enzymes in the whitewash can do its job.
The tissue falls off the bones and I take the parts out of the bin, this takes about 7 days.
The parts are provided with fresh water and whitewash every time.

Finally, when the fat and all tissues are out of the bones, I rinse everything with clean water.

The drying process.

The parts go to a room where the drying starts.

I put or hang everything to dry and that takes about 14 days.

Step 3 – Coating

If the parts are well dry I give everything a coating layer.
This ensures that the bone stays strong and the dirt does not easily pull into the bone.
Sometimes the bone is still somewhat greasy and then the coating may not adhere well.
It is always natural material with which you work.

Step 4 – Building

After the coating is dry, the parts are taken to the workshop and the construction or repair of the bone or bone parts can begin.