In our new building on the Aalsdijk in Asch (The Netherlands) there is space for an exhibition.
Of course everything is still under construction but the start has been made.

The Exposition that is shown is part of the Presentation “Comparison Anatomy” that Sharon presented in Utrecht in 2018.

Kimberly the Zebra
Heteny teh Przewalski
Jesna the Konik

Under construction with this collection Murkusa belongs to the Bosnian Mountain Horse.

The collection is expanded with “Ollie” A Welsh pony.
Ollie is colored with all attachments of the muscles described by Sharon in her manuals.

Furthermore, under construction Integro, the KWPN is well over with HME, and we have also made a publication.

If you want to read this article, here is the link:

Hereditary multiple exostoses a comprehensive examination of a 4-year old dutch warmblood male with maternal links to hme in the 1st and 2nd generations case study

Under construction is Mon Amour this little gelding has 18 ribs on one side and 17 ribs on the other side. A phenomenon that Sharon told a lot about during the dissections.

Mr. C will be shown on request.

You can visit the exhibition on certain days!
Look in the planing below for dates: